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What is Onzen?

Onzen is a graphical front end for the revision control systems CVS, SVN, and HG. It represent the files managed by the RCS in a tree-view with detailed information and offers functions to e. g. update, commit, add, remove, rename, revert, diff, view files.

Onzen has a long history and I developed it as a tool for my daily work. The first (not published) version was written in TclTK and I used it already for years. Now I recreated Onzen as a Java SWT program and published it as OpenSource.



Screen shots

Fig. 1: Main window: file tree view
Fig. 2: File diff
Fig. 3: File revisions data
Fig. 4: List of changed files
Fig. 5: Create patch
Fig. 6: Mail patch for review
Fig. 7: Patches
Fig. 8: Annotations
Fig. 9: Preferences


Onzen is currently under GPL version 2.


If you are interested in development work and the most recent development version, please contact me.


Note: versions with a character suffix are bug-fix versions.

Sources: onzen-0.04a.tar.bz2
md5sum: 5d5fa5bcd04ee2a014b0b2fcceba6561

Binary packages:

System Version Package md5sum
Linux, 32bit+64bit 0.04a onzen-0.04a-linux.tar.bz2 c167e5401e90777b231bf1a7b0c2b6f1
Solaris, 32bit 0.04a onzen-0.04a-solaris.tar.bz2 e51668eaab3ee6f24edbfd5a19e80df4
MacOS X, 32bit+64bit 0.04a onzen-0.04a-macosx.tar.bz2 2fff09874990946bf400ebfea13bf475
Windows, 32bit+64bit 0.04a onzen-0.04a-windows.zip 7e42f2872489ac37ec75fab9f70b7d7d

Note: currently I have no access to a Solaris and MacOS X system where I can test the Solaris and MacOS X packages.


2014-11-03 0.04a
  * fixed source distribution package (missing files)
  * fixed text widgets selection color
  * fixed preselection of tabs

2014-10-10 0.04
  * added default root and branch name in new branch dialog
  * improved find files dialog
  * support file lock/unlock (SVN, HG with extension)
  * added recursive-flag to revert function
  * add option to enable/disable usage of HG queue commands
  * fixed filtering hidden files/directories
  * fixed window size
  * fixed initialize user defined date/time formats
  * fixed problem with permanent locked database
  * fixed possible null-pointer-exception
  * fixed creating JARs
  * do not add SVN option --username is no name is given
  * many clean-ups
  * run shell commands in background
  * improved preferences dialog
  * added repository history list
  * improved support for GIT
  * improved checkout-dialog
  * added global password handler
  * improved git support
  * fixed layout of tabs
  * many, many other small improvements!
  * upgrade to SWT 4.4

2012-04-14 0.03
  * add sort buttons to tests list
  * added previous/next revision buttons to view
  * fix enable view button in diff
  * made patches dialog non-modal
  * fixed broken broadcasting of commit messages;
    use now a multi-cast socket
  * added search in revision tree view
  * added function "update all"
  * added function to remove trailing whitespaces
    and convert TABs
  * add warning when files with TABs/trailing
    whitespaces should be commit/added, add list of
    files with exceptions for warning
  * made more dialogs non-modal
  * add button to convert TABs/trailing whitespaces
    for all selected files
  * add convert TABs/tailing whitespaces before commit,
    add, create patch
  * improved drawing revision tree graphics
  * added file find function
  * added shell menu
  * implemented check-out repository
  * start GIT support
  * Ctlr-C in tree list copy file naem to clipboard
  * implemented checkout
  * implemented create new repository
  * add dialog to show outgoing changes (hg)
  * update SWT to 3.7.2
  * improved file type detection: use Mime and file
    name extension if no Mime type can be detected
  * fix message widget in rename/remove dialogs
  * improved documentation, create PDF file

2011-09-06 0.02
  * support sending mails with JavaMail
  * store patches with summary and message, fix patch number
  * CVS: fix revert, avoid sticky-tag for HEAD
  * improve mime-type dialog: add "add new command" checkbox
  * fix SWT synchronisation problem with some widgets
  * made some dialogs non-modal
  * support review board
  * added some find fields
  * fixed revisiont tree: show selected revision
  * added action dialog to annotations
2010-02-26 0.01
  * initial release: first published version of Onzen written now in Java SWT

Any feedback is welcome. Please send an email to: torsten.rupp at gmx.net Back to top